Catia Piping Video Training-alghaform

Emrah Burulday

3 Ağu 2019
Catia Piping Video Training-alghaform;

Piping Design Fundamentals
Detailed Steps

Piping Design 2D/3D Integration
Step (1): Physical Part Selection
In this exercise you will learn how to integrate 2D schematics into your 3D Piping Design.
Physical Part Selection
1. Route a schematic line (U1-P101-2in-CS150R-FG).
2. Route a second line (U1-P101-10in-CS150R-FG).
3. Place a blocking valve into each of the lines.
4. Select the Part Selection command .
5. Click on the 10in Blocking Valve.
6. The Part Selection panel is displayed.
7. Select the Gate Vale as Part Type.
8. Select the Catalog Part Name and click OK.
9. Repeat the last five steps by selecting the blocking valve in the 2in line.
10. Note: Based on the size in the functional physical mapping table for the specifications, the part
types are different.
11. Based on the part type, the part numbers that are relevant to the selected part type in the
Piping catalog are filtered and available for selection.
12. Using the Edit Properties button (or Alt+Enter) to view the object properties for the blocking
valve; the part type is displayed.
13. You can view the physical properties by selecting the Physical Properties button.

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