Alias Car Style Tutorials

Emrah Burulday

3 Ağu 2019
Alias Car Style Tutorials; Alias İle Otomobil Tasarımı Uygulamalı Eğitim Dil ENG.

PART 1: Sketching
There really is no “right” or “wrong” way to make a sketch. Drawing is
an art-form, and therefore very subjective. The essence of a sketch
is simply to convey an idea. However you choose to most effectively
achieve that goal is just a small part of the design process.
The real challenge for designers is to come up with the icon for the
next big trend. Like couture, it is a never-ending search for a moving
target. Good ideas can happen anywhere. Designers should always
be prepared to jot something down wherever they may be.
And knowing your tool well will help you focus on the task and not
the tool. The advent of computers has added new tools and new
possibilities for this purpose. This article will cover just a few possible
methods using a specific software and offer some tips for you to
expand upon.
1. In order to facilitate a simpler workflow for users
who want to sketch, a new option box shows
up on startup asking the user to choose between
the “Default” or “Paint” workflows. Selecting the
Paint workflow will automatically streamline the
interface, showing only the tools necessary for
2. While in the Paint workflow, the File->New
function will open a New Canvas window allowing
you to specify the canvas size, among other
things. The maximum canvas size is 8000x8000
pixels. It is also important to note the Background
Layer Color in case you want to sketch on a
transparent or colored background. The default is
opaque white.
User Interface
The first step is to get to know the software. For new users, the sheer number of tools and
menus available to you can make this feel like a daunting task. In this short article, we can only
just gloss over many of its aspects. Time and patience in learning the tool is recommended.
As Autodesk AliasStudio is best known for its modelling capabilities, many current users may
not even be aware that there are painting tools embedded in the software. For version 13, much
consideration has gone into making these tools more apparent and easier to access.
One indispensable tool that should be mentioned here before we start is the need for a pressure
sensitive graphics/digitizing tablet. In our case, we will be using a Wacom Cintiq 21UX. This is an
LCD display with an integrated tablet that allows you to draw directly on the screen.
3. This will create an orthographic Paint window
with a new Canvas plane. At this point,
you can just grab one of the painting tools
and start scribbling. The Paint tab in the
Palette contains Pencils, Markers, Airbrushes,

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